Lean and TOC: Secret behind Load Controls Reliable Deliveries

Lean helps reducing waste and thereby improving flow of production orders. TOC, Theory of Constraints, helps in reducing traffic jams and chaos on the shop floor by synchronizing operations around the constraint. Put together, Lead Time shrinks dramatically while reducing … Continue reading

How a System Integrator can become a true Business Partner!

Lessons from Material Producing Industry: System Integrators need to think beyond supplying and installing their systems. They can substantially improve business results of their clients. Innovating Business Model of System Integrators- In Motion Weighing from Shridhar Lolla

Manufacturing Veterans, are you ready to be the CEO?

Within manufacturing organizations, the share of CEOs with manufacturing background is dwindling; which is a big concern for today’s practitioners and veterans of manufacturing. Unless your tenure in manufacturing can decisively show that manufacturing is strategic to your business, factory … Continue reading

Manufacturing has a Direction Too!

The performance of Manufacturing is measured by Throughput i.e. number of pieces or quantity of goods produced over a period of time daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly etc. Improvement in its performance is tracked and rewarded based on increased Throughput … Continue reading

The Temptation of Integrating a New Opportunity

Good times or bad times, there is a tendency to jump at every opportunity without doing full justice to a big enough business in hand. Often organizations try to diversify or open up a link to vertical integration at the … Continue reading

We Don’t have enough Capacity!

Whenever asked to increase the throughput, what did the Production Manager say? “We Don’t have capacity! We need more capacity, more people, more machines, more space, …” A hallmark statement of the firefighting zone of production. This is where the … Continue reading

Fire in the Blood – Exceptional Documentary on Pharma Industry

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The Next Decade will be of Manufacturing

Manufacturing was thought as a step in moving a country from agri to service sector. Now it is being realized that it in fact, is a bedrock in the economic structure of a wealthy and caring nation. With all that … Continue reading

Capacity Hunt Program introduced at IDMA

24Aug2013 Chennai, I had the opportunity to join IDMA (Indian Drugs Manufacturers Association) on the occasion of their Executive Committee Meeting. It was my first interaction with the association that is totally dedicated to providing affordable and quality medicines and … Continue reading

Forecasting + Pull works good in today’s supply chain

Manufacturers have often worried about difficulty of a pure play pull based system to sudden changes in demand. Often forecasting is resorted to get the required responsiveness but at a cost. Read the following to know how one can get … Continue reading