1. Business Innovation
2. Operations
3. Financial Strategy
4. Accounting and Statutory Compliance



A. Operational Excellence

For Manufacturing Organizations

For Service Organizations

For Pharma Organizations

B. Application of Theory of Constraints (TOC)

For Manufacturing Organizations

For Service Organizations

For Generalized Operations


Workshops and Walkthroughs :

1. Managing Operational Excellence Program
2. Innovating Your Business Model
3. Building Execution Culture
4. Surfacing Hidden Capacity in Operations
5. Improving Operational Performance


Improvement Projects :

CVMARK undertakes medium to long term projects in improving operations. Based on capability building within the organization, it employs proven methodology and tools to handhold organizations in achieving an order of magnitude of improvement in performance. The benefits include:
1. Increased capacity
2. Improved Cash Flow
3. Lower Working Capital
3. Faster Response Time

All these without taking too much risk and without exhausting costly resources.