How Did ‘The Path’ Start?
The week before last, 'The Path' was released on Amazon, both the Print and the eBook version. I keep receiving mails on, 'how did the co-creation happen'. I therefore thought of communicating exactly what happened and this is the first post to reveal the process of co-creation. Everything started with my posting called, 'How did it start'. I have edited that post to give a retrospective appeal and now release it for general reading. ....start... Each one of us has a unique experience, competency and achievement in our profession. And often, we feel like sharing our experience that could be if not vastly generic in nature, at least be of a nature to help a significant number of people in doing something better. Writing is one of the best media to pass on our experience to others. Books have a special place in communication. Like most of us who have urge to write a book sometime, it just occurred that I wrote one myself. Life has been a roller coaster, as I moved from being an engineer to researcher to designer to operations manager to entrepreneur to coach and then consultant. I felt that there is some common thread that runs across my journey through these roles. Incidentally, during the last five years, I also happened to work on a large… really large transformational project that employed new management concepts. And, it so happened that I recalled all my life long experience and went deeper into the project beyond my stated brief. The result was an experience of significant insights that people tell me is unique, worth sharing and of benefit to my clients. One day, during a routine meeting at the client's place, there was an undesirable outburst of its Senior Vice-President. When the team dispersed for a tea break, I sat down and wrote my reading of the outburst, its cause and likely effects. Upon the return of the team, I showed the script to them. Written in a rather short time, it was more than 10 page document and it had a case study format. When they read, they wanted to read it again and again. To read further... please follow the blow links How Did it Start The file can also be viewed at Slide Share from the below link: Slide Share: How did it Start

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