Capacity Hunt Program introduced at IDMA
24Aug2013 Chennai, I had the opportunity to join IDMA (Indian Drugs Manufacturers Association) on the occasion of their Executive Committee Meeting.
It was my first interaction with the association that is totally dedicated to providing affordable and quality medicines and is now preparing itself to make India as the factory of global pharmaceutical industry.
It was also a first hand opportunity to know about IDMA's ongoing effort on the hottest topic in Indian Pharma Industry, "the new market based pricing policy". With over 700 members on its board, IDMA represents a significant voice of Indian Pharma Industry. The meeting echoed the dynamics of the industry and had a very vibrant and active participation by its members. The Indian Pharma Industry is currently at an inflection point (read Pharma @ Cross Roads). Knowing that the drug prices are being capped while the cost of inputs is only going up; the onus falls on the pharma companies to manage their operations better. During past few years we have been deeply involved in understanding and deciphering the golden rules that will not only differentiate Indian Pharma Industry but will also create a difference by wide margin in an ever more fiercely competitive market. In this regard, I was invited to make a brief presentation on our work related to operational excellence practice in pharma industry (and as documented in 'The Path'). I picked up just one chapter from the book and emphasized that in an ever more complex and chaotic world, there is an urgent need to improve performance of operations without taking too much costly trade-offs and burn-outs.During the presentation, my emphasis was on people who work day in day out in operations and how improvements made in operations can directly impact revenues of the organization. Indeed, it was an occasion to give back to the pharma community what we learnt from them and something that is a distilled concept for a definitive and quick process of achieving sustainable growth. In this regard, I presented the core concept about the now known "Capacity Hunt Program". Capacity Hunt Program is analogous to Treasure Hunt Program. We have played it now several times in several organizations. The program is designed to reveal hidden capacity in a very short time and it dwarfs most of the continuous improvement programs organizations are generally involved in. It was indeed  pleasure presenting details and results of the program back to the industry members, specially because it worked so well in pharma industry. Over the sumptuous dinner post presentation, answering queries from the members and knowing the way they are managing their business was a fulfilling experience. I am glad to provide the links to the slides presented during the session. They should be viewed in the order they are listed here. 1. What is Operations 2. The Capacity Hunt Program 3. Capacity Hunt Program Reveals Huge Hidden Capacity hope you find these useful. wbr shridhar nb: For those who have already seen these slides before, there is now substantial revision to them.
A view from my Window at the Venue of IDMA Meeting (Taj Fisherman Cove)

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