The Next Decade will be of Manufacturing
Manufacturing was thought as a step in moving a country from agri to service sector. Now it is being realized that it in fact, is a bedrock in the economic structure of a wealthy and caring nation. With all that happened in last couple of years, economists and leaders are realizing where they went wrong. They attribute it to the bubble of service sector and now commit to resurrect stability and growth in the world order through increased investment and focus on manufacturing. Revolution in manufacturing, happened earlier in Japan, Korea and China. Now it is re-happening in the US, the UK, Germany and in the Nordic Countries. India too has committed great deal to make huge investment during next two decades to improve share of its manufacturing sector to GDP from 16% to 25%. But we have to go a long way... check the article in progress here. slideshare : The Next Decade will be of Manufacturing and look out for the update on this very soon.

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