Who we are

CVMARK is a trusted adviser and coach to businesses in successfully executing their ideas.

What we do

CVMARK solves business problems.

Our clients call us when they get spark of  a big idea and need a competitive business logic, or  have a great strategy and need a strong execution, or have a complex operations and need an effective way to ever improve performance. They rely on us for personalized, objective and  logical  advice.

They talk to us when they face difficulty in following seemingly correct business logic or when their performance is not in line with their plan. They call us in the most uncertain times. They talk to us to review their assumptions, business logic and actions.  They want  us to provide insight into what to change, what to change to and how to cause the change,  so that they  achieve their ambitious goals.

They call us when they need to make choice between conflicting decisions that will have major consequences for their business, employees, clients and partners.

They call us when they want a truly external perspective.

How we do

CVMARK  handholds  leaders and managers in successfully navigating their organizations through the dynamics of business, one-step at a time. In doing so, we employ game-changing approaches to  bring quick successes, while dramatically reducing the chances of failure. These approaches are:

  1. Business Model Innovation
  2. Execution Culture
  3. Focused Operations

At individual level, we listen, feel, think and co-work with our clients; in their language and  in their place.

CVMark has deep industry experience in carrying out leading edge research and product development in Indian as well as multi-national organizations. Currently, it is advising over a dozen initiatives on business transformation in technology as well as main stream businesses.


CVMark follows business model (blue print) approach to build new businesses and innovate existing businesses. The visual and intuitive methodology of innovating business model is now available in a must have book, Business Model Generation. Dr. Shridhar Lolla was a co-creator of this game changing book.


CVMark follows process of improving the improvement process to take organizations on the path of Operational Excellence. A trendsetting approach is now captured in a business novel The Path: : Leveraging Operations in an ever complex and chaotic world by Dr. Shridhar Lolla and his over 100 co-creators.


CVMark follows the rigor of execution as propounded by Franaklin Covey’s best seller, The 4 Disciplines of Execution. A step by step approach to ‘How to get results’.

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