The process of Transformation leads to permanency in relationship. The very foundation of Businesses built to last.

CVMARK has provided value consulting to organizations across domains. Key references include:

Business Clients/Partners An Energy Management Company: Transformed idea into sellable business in less than a year.
Business Clients/Partners A software development company from Germany that was navigated through a phase of sustenance and transformation of its owner into competent businessmen.
Business Clients/Partners A manufacturing company: Repositioned and handheld promoters to grow over 50% YOY for past 3 years.
Business Clients/Partners An Egyptian startup company: Developed new business model that allowed the microwave device design company to secure bridge fund and transformed into a self sustaining entity.
Business Clients/Partners A Power automation Company: Transformed the promoter into a focused entrepreneur and built a focused approach that allowed the startup to earn business.
Business Clients/Partners A Leading Pharmaceutical Formulation Company: Demonstrated and Coached operational staff on how to open up 20-30% of capacity for its key products within 15 days, without exhausting resources and without taking real risk.
Business Clients/Partners A Medical Device Company: Handheld a High Tech team in making their business idea executable and securing funding within 6 months.
Business Clients/Partners A Hospital Management Information System Company: Transformed the technology centric promoter into a customer focused entrepreneur and turned around a lossy business into highly profitable business, within 4 months.
Business Clients/Partners A 40 year Old Pharma Company Caught-up in Firefighting and Inefficient Operations: Through an Onsite Workshop Handheld the Management in Revealing more than 20% Hidden Capacity in less than 50 hrs at its Formulation Plant.